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This is the art of Japanese calligraphy

“Bold, elegant, stylish. The art of japanese calligraphy takes its roots in our distant past and has never ever been so relevant in our modern society.” – Soyamax

SHODO master

SHODO is the art of writing beautifully, using all three of the Japanese alphabets. It is a spiritual practice, a mental discipline, and a physical exercise.

Naoyuki a.k.a Soyamax is a calligraphy artist that perfected his art by teaching himself the japanese calligraphy driven by passion, vision and humanity.




unconventional artist

Initially following his career as an engineer, Soyamax was later diagnosed with terminal cancer, a type of lymphoma. He received a bone marrow transplant when he was 19, and decided from that point on to follow his passion and dream as an artist.

Soyamax makes custom art, and he has a large collection of pieces for sale.

the art reflects the inner world

With SHODO, proportion of character, brush marks, the shades of ink, the arrangement of characters as a whole and the meaning of the words brings life and expression to this majestic art.